There's something missing in my life, it's so strange--
this absence of a sort
It's all of a sudden coming on--I was perfectly
content and happy these past few months--
what's changed?
Standing in the shower as the hot water cascaded
over me, relaxing me, allowing me to process my day
Venting about all the stupid BS stress I have from my
job, let me realize that, at this moment, I feel an
emptiness in the pit of my stomach--
No, not hunger--something else, it's not all-consuming (yet),
it's actually a quite small emptiness, a little hidden desire
It's an occasional reminder--a sharp, but short--nearly nonexistent--pain
That something is lacking in my life, not just the boredom
currently plaguing it
My fulfilled lifestyle isn't so satisfied anymore, I guess.
I want more.
More what, though?
If I actually look deep inside myself and not try to hide it or
lie to myself, what I really want is: love
Plain & simple.. l-o-v-e
I'm ready to be with someone again
I really want that again
I want a special someone



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