The smoke unfurls through the glass
it wafts over the table, as I exhale.
I watch my exhalation as it releases into the
atmosphere, joining the rest of the pollution.
The smoke's reflection in the table is a wispy
ghost, it twists and turns as it slowly disappears.
I lean back into the couch and relax.
I feel my body sink down and completely surrender.
My eyes go from 1/4 Asian to full-on Asian
Perma-smiling my way through the next couple hours
My mind is heavy and heady as it bops back and forth.
Thoughts race and slow, regurgitating information,
cycling from one thing to the next--constantly relating.
Focusing is difficult, zeroing in and out, like a zoom lens
on a camera.
My mouth feels like there is a bunch of moss growing
in it--a cool refreshment is most desired.
The best treat is something cold and wet--
this is why ice cream is so amazing
My body hums with energy as my heart rate increases
My vision is crazy--more vibrant, bit yet seconds off
I am floating.



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