I lost my virginity at age 19--it was no fairy tale,
it was no fantasy, it was no dream come true
There was no romance, no love, no foreplay
It was a choice I made--
A choice I made at 2 in the morning--
A choice I made sober
I wouldn't say I regretted it
but I wouldn't readily recommend it
It wasn't what I had expected
but it wasn't horrible.
There were no crimson-ed sheets
but a dampened comforter
The pain was bearable,
what was not was how uncomfortable
I felt throughout the entire experience
Awkwardly laying next to my first
in the cooldown period
Being pestered with asinine inquiries,
such as, "How are you doing?" and
"What are you thinking?"
All I could think about was this:
"That was sex? WHAT?"
(Closely followed by: "Am I not the girl? Shouldn't I be asking those questions?")
I did not know that sex is only like that once--usually
I lost my virginity at age 19--it was Memorial Day weekend,
it happened in a loft twin bed, this is my Vcard story



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