There are three different types of people who you'll encounter in your life:
the first type are people who come into your life momentarily, they are there for that moment and not much more
the second type are people who will always be in your life (heart & mind), constantly & consistently
and, the last type are people who are a combination of both, they come into your life for a few moments or many, and they'll always remain in your heart & mind, but may not always be in your life constantly & consistently
a hard part about this fact of life is figuring out which people are--usually it's not realized until after they're gone or drama has transpired
then once you realize which "category" a person fits into, the hardest part is a little thing called: acceptance
Accepting that people are who they are, you can't change them (you can only change yourself if you so desire)
Accepting that you have no control, no power because there are no such things



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