3:15 AM~

Acceptance is one of the hardest things to learn and understand in life
Accepting others for who they are
Accepting the way life is going if it feels like it's spiraling out of control
Accepting that you can only change yourself
Acceptance is something I've learned from all the BS that transpired this past year
Life is more content and happy once you start accepting things
There's less stress, more relaxation, less anxiety, more simplicity
Acceptance brings about a peaceful state of being
In a way, acceptance brings you out of denial--
It lets you be so free from caring about things that cannot be altered, which can let your sanity come back
Acceptance feels so right--
but as the analyzer that I am, makes me wonder: am I giving up? am I "settling"?
In a way it feels like that, because I tend to care too much, too hard for others
And the only way to truly accept is to stop caring

4:45 AM~

I am me. I am who I am.
I have no words to express who I am--because it doesn't matter, these words are meaningless
I feel who I am. I'm solid.



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