Sometimes I feel like there are two "mes"--the me I let others
see--that's just on the outside--a thin layer--
and the other me that's buried deep inside--that lies there stagnant
I feel like most of the time, I just go along with whatever everyone else wants
Is there another me below the surface?
A truer me?


Truth is a tricky thing--there are facts, feelings and honesty
One person's truth may not be another's
I heard someone once say "the heart will lie to you"
How can this be true?
The heart tells you what you want--how can that be false?
Memories and feelings--these are things that tell us who we are
When you tell someone the truth it's really just your honest
opinion or a state of fact
Why do people lie? What good comes from it?
It's a waste of time and energy
Lying hurts more than the "truth"; when you find out that it was a lie, that is
I'll always tell you the truth--I have no reason to lie or to hide
anything--and I most definitely don't have anything to prove to you



I'm a total daydreamer--a fantasizer
I have these situational visions play out in my head--
the what ifs, if you will, brought to life in my mind
Most are probable figments but every once in awhile,
a true fantasy comes along (usually via celebrity-land)
They are fun and interesting to go along with, but are
probably not as healthy as I wish they'd be
I fear becoming addicted with these situations in my head
I fear I let them run amok too much, which only keeps
my hope alive
Are these figments wrong or normal?


Music is one of my biggest passions/loves of my life
Hearing a song playing that resonates with you--
to your very core--is practically life-changing
It can instantaneously improve your mood and make
you feel more alive
Experiencing another human being sing an evocative
song stirs my soul
Their vocality (pitch & melody), if strong and fluid,
can move my internal organs around and make me
melt (I positively swoon)
Music is the eternal language--one of the most
awe-inspiring forms of communication
I wish life was more like a musical--people breaking
out into song and dance
Oh what if life imitated art?